Leprosy in India

Amongst the poorest of the poor are those who suffer with a horrible disease called Leprosy. There is still a great deal of fear and ignorance of leprosy. Those who are discovered with Leprosy are often rejected by their families and society and end up existing in horrible poverty on the outskirts of society, rejected by all and existing only through begging. Tim and Vanessa weren't even aware Leprosy continued to afflict people until on a trip to India they discovered large groups of people whose bodies were mangled by the disease and barely existing. It began with helping with food and clothing, and has grown to trying to ensure they have access to drinking water and dignified way to earn a living. In 2006 we began with one village of people who were suffering with leprosy and purchased goats for each family to raise. You can help us make a difference in the lives of these dear souls through your gifts.