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When American Educational Development became aware of Leprosy’s existence in South Asia, we discovered large groups of people with bodies mangled by the disease and barely existing.  People that become disenfranchised from their society due to fear and a misunderstanding of the disease.  We typically begin with giving food and clothing to build trusting relationships which often grow into allowing us to provide access to clean drinking water, and finding other dignified ways to help them survive without having to beg.  AED continues to give food and clothing while focusing on sustainable projects, such as clean water deep bore wells and the planting of crops geared to provide long-term revenue to those afflicted directly or indirectly with Leprosy. 

You can make a difference in the life of people affected with Leprosy.  $20 buys a box of food to last several days (includes rice, lentils, sugar, salt, tea, pepper and oil).  $1,200 will pay for a new well to be drilled and a coconut plantation to be planted.  Please Donate Now!


Sri Lanka

  • Batticaloa, Sri Lanka

Our newest project is just starting.  There are approximately 300 families affected by Leprosy in this area.  AED has done some food assistance and are beginning digging deep bore wells and planting coconut trees.  AED was also able to help a man, afflicted with Leprosy, start a small vegetable selling business.

 Supporting the first of 300 families with food and clothing.

      This man and vegetable stand are now open for business.

  • Jaffna and Kilinochchi, Sri Lanka

AED has developed deep bore wells for each family afflicted by Leprosy.  AED also planted coconut trees throughout their property along with a vegetable garden for their consumption and also to sell.  Coconut trees because they produce fruit for decades. There has been tremendous improvement as people have access to clean water. 

 Jaffna Well Dedication Clean well water for these people.          

Jaffna well dedication



  • Bidar Leprosy Colony, India

Jay Prakash is watching over the project here.  AED does quite a bit of food assistance, and projects where each family is given five goats to raise.  AED is currently looking into projects so families can feed themselves.

  • Bagalkot Leprosy Colony, India

The people in this colony are suffering from the effects of Leprosy.  With donations, AED was able to provide a community meeting hall with an attached apartment for Christopher and family, who care and advocate for the people.  AED was able to provide five goats to each of these families as well as provide a complete water system with individual pipes installed to each family’s front porch. 

 Goats are an immediate source of income and food.

  • Bijapur Leprosy Colony, India

Moses has been working in this colony for a couple of years now.  He lives and labors among the people here.  AED has been able to build three homes for some of the widows because theirs had collapsed.  AED also raised money for a wall to be erected around this colony to stop the city from encroaching on their government-given land of those afflicted with Leprosy.

  • Katravulapalli Leprosy Colony, India

AED has helped this colony by providing a deep bore well for clean drinking water as well as building a Community Hall. 

  • Kovur Leprosy Colony, India

AED has provided a deep bore well for clean drinking water as well as building a Community Hall. 

  • Gudivada Children’s Home, India

Vijay and Hannah are very proud to show the progress on their Children’s Home building.  Currently, 40 children are sleeping in their small building.  AED hopes to help complete the Home building this year.  This Home provides poor children an opportunity to change their area, and the world.