Our Projects

Among the poorest of the poor are people who suffer with a horrible disease called leprosy.  There is still a great deal of fear and ignorance about leprosy.  Those discovered with it are often rejected by family and society and end up living in horrible poverty on the outskirts, rejected by all and reduced to surviving by begging.

Tim and Vanessa Ekno were unaware of Leprosy’s existence in India and discovered large groups of people with bodies mangled by the disease and barely existing.   Their help began with giving some food and clothing and grew to providing access to clean drinking water and finding dignified ways to help them make a living without begging.

In the past, the Ekno’s have even purchased goats for each family to raise.  You can help make a difference in the lives of these dear people by your gifts.

Pastor Subash and his wife Sunita invited us into the pastor’s quarters of the new church building we were able to build in Bidar town.  Their faces glow with the place/room to have a church building of their own.  They are now praying about the name of the church.  

The dear people here, suffering from the effects of leprosy, is precious!  With donations, we were able to provide a prayer hall with an attached apartment for Pastor Christopher and family.  We were able to provide goats to each family to raise, as well as provide a complete water system, extending individual pipes to each home’s front porch.  

We are in the process of raising money for a prayer hall in this colony.  Presently, they meet to worship in the courtyard of the Hindu temple.  Moses has been the pastor in this colony for a couple of years now and doing a fine job.  God has enabled us to build three homes for some of the widows in this colony because theirs had collapsed.  We also raised money for a wall to be erected around their colony to stop the city from encroaching on their government given land.  Many blessed people here and we are excited to see what God will continue to do.  

Pastor Vijay and Hannah were very proud to show the progress on their children’s home “building”.  Currently, 40 children are sleeping in their small church building.  They are asking for immediate help for sleeping mats, pillows and blankets for the children as they’re sleeping just on the concrete right now with inadequate coverings.  Your gifts will help these children to sleep more comfortably.  

American Educational Development has helped this colony by providing  a deep bore well for clean drinking water as well as building a church building

American Educational Development has helped this colony by providing a deep bore well for clean drinking water as well as building the church building.