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Tim and Vanessa Ekno were unaware of Leprosy’s existence in India and discovered large groups of people with bodies mangled by the disease,barely existing.Their help began with giving food and clothing and grew to providing access to clean drinking water and finding dignified ways to help them make a living without begging.

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Leprosy in India


Amongst the poorest of the poor are those who suffer with a horrible disease called Leprosy. There is still a great deal of fear and ignorance of leprosy. Those who are discovered with Leprosy are often rejected by their families and society and end up existing in horrible poverty...

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You can help make a difference in the life of people affected with Leprosy.$20 buys a box of food to last several days (includes rice, lentils, sugar, salt, tea, pepper and oil).$300 buys one bunk bed set;$5,000 can buy a deep water well to provide clean drinking water.

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