Our Projects

Sustainable Projects To Provide Human Dignity

When American Educational Development became aware of Leprosy’s existence in South Asia, we discovered large groups of people with bodies mangled by the disease and barely existing. People that become disenfranchised from their society due to fear and a misunderstanding of the disease. We typically begin with giving food and clothing to build trusting relationships which often grow into allowing us to provide access to clean drinking water, and finding other dignified ways to help them survive without having to beg. AED continues to give food and clothing while focusing on sustainable projects, such as clean water deep bore wells and the planting of crops geared to provide long-term revenue to those afflicted directly or indirectly with Leprosy.

Leprosy Care

By working with local Public Health officials and other aid organizations AED is able to learn about people and families suffering from Leprosy and then see how we might aid them with basic needs.

In stages, we attempt to make sure these families have a small, safe cement home, a toilet and. Well. AED also helps plant coconut trees and organic gardens to feed themselves.
Current costs for a small home and toilet is $6,000. Cost for a well and gardening projects cost $1,500

Schooling the Children of Leprosy Families

The current economy crisis in Sri Lanka has put families in the position of deciding to send a child to school or eating.

We have identified 346 children (in our projects) who have leprosy or are in families with leprosy. Our research has discovered it costs $100/child to school a child for a year. This includes books, uniform, shoes, and supplies